Misbegotten Sea Creatures

A study in evolution and taxonomy as I invent a new phylum of aquatic life.


Sometimes I like to pretend I am Ernst Haeckel, only instead of collecting and drawing radiolaria species, I’m inventing and drawing and misbegotten sea creatures.

Histo-portraits (bodies of loved ones)

A combination of scientific illustration and unconventional portraiture that represents microscopic views of cells, tissues and biological processes. These paintings draw on personal experience and memory — mining childhood recollections, unforgettably embarrassing moments, information gleaned from friends and family members, and mundane moments of everyday life as fodder for research

Microscopic Bodies

Things mostly invisible to the naked eye without the aid of graphite and paper.

Beastly Bodies

Plutarch wrote, “Boys throw stones at frogs in sport, but the frogs do not die in sport, they die in earnest.”  After years of off- and on-again vegetarianism and a lifetime of being an animal lover, it was this statement, written in the second century, which gave me pause to consider how we treat other sentient beings as we go about the business of being human.

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