(Another) Fresh Start

So¬† I’ve learned a lot in the past 6 months. About how easily hacked a website can be. How to launch an elastic cloud instance on Amazon web services. How to create a LAMP server on that instance and rebuild my website. How to make that website more secure than it was in the past. How to let go of a webhost I’ve used for over 10 years.

This is my second online rebuild this year and it’s been eye-opening. I realized, sorting through hundreds of digital images, how all-over-the-map I can be with making artwork. I’ve tended to look to the same sorts of subject matter and inspiration over the past decade, but materials, approach, and technique are all liable to change. Years ago, this “erratic” portfolio of mine concerned me. I was worried it meant that I wasn’t a “serious” enough artist, that I wasn’t “focused” or truly committed to what I was doing. I would hear the voices of former professors or critical peers in my head and gnaw on my concerns while in my studio, wondering if I should shift my focus this way or that. Now, having entered the realm of being forty-something, I kinda mostly don’t care what people think. Sure, I’m open to a critique or a new interpretation. But I filter feedback and take what works for me and discard the rest.

My wrists and fingers are aching from adding a bunch of dilettante web development to my regular day job, but I’m happy to once again have an online presence. It’s also reminded me that I am seriously behind in documenting new (and not so new) work with quality, high resolution images. Stay tuned for misbegotten sea creatures and other erratic wanderings.

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