Because I like assignments…

I really like a project with a few specific parameters. I’ve always been a fan of assignments like, “Throw 100 pots,” or “Draw this object from 10 different perspectives.” The assignment itself is straightforward exercise, but somewhere in the process, things begin to happen. At the end, the bonus is being able to look at the trajectory formed by the exercise and uncover where something new began, when an idea culminated, or discover what new things could emerge. Even when an “assignment” has no rhyme or reason, I’m drawn to it. I like structure, deadlines, and to-do lists, what can I say?

With that in mind, the last time I was browsing an art supply store, I looked at a pad of Borden & Riley Denril vellum identical to one I already had at home and thought, What I really need is a new assignment! So I gave myself one: 40 graphite drawings of misbegotten sea creatures on denril vellum, 11 x 11 inches each. Last night, I made No. 2 of 40:

(As with all news and miscellaneous updates to come, try to overlook the image quality my little Android provides…)

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