Starting Over… again

Early this year, hackers invaded my site. Several times, I updated site files with clean, fresh, unviolated files and restored the database from a reliable backup. Nevertheless, I continued to get new notifications as hackers continued to find a way into my site. I’d needed to update my site anyway, and kept meaning to set aside time to do that, and some miscreants with hacking skills forced my hand.

This isn’t quite art-related, but for those artists out there who also get involved hands-on with their websites, I thought I’d summarize my experience. My site was built with Drupal 7, and I decided to take the plunge and see what Drupal 8 was all about. And I loved Drupal 8 — some vital features finally made their way into core, and the whole experience was more user-friendly. Yet, here I am again, rebuilding my website almost entirely from scratch, this time using WordPress. I’d tried WordPress years ago for this site, and at that time, I concluded that while it could really shine as a blog, it didn’t really shine when it came to content management. And, I wanted to be able to control every last little snippet of every last little thing on my site. WordPress is improving their content management now, and I realized that for my petite little artist site, I didn’t really need all the bells and whistles that Drupal offers. The deal-breaker was updates. Updating Drupal every time the core is updated is a headache, unless you’re regular programmer/web developer. I’m not. I just dabble. And I’m willing to give up control over every last snippet. Don’t get me wrong: Drupal is fantastic. If my needs were bigger and more complicated, I’d choose it over WordPress. But my needs are pretty simple. I just want to have some image galleries, basic information, and sporadic bits of news and such.

So here goes. Again. 🙂

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